Our Unique Procedure
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Our Unique Procedure

Our 8-step Process for Creating Your Custom Estate Plan


  1. Potential clients complete and submit our online Client Information Form (CIF) on our Home Page. This is the form where clients fill in their information and attach documents to submit to us,
  2. After completing and submitting the CIF, potential clients are automatically redirected to a Booking Page where they book their free 30-minute tele-consultation to discuss their information and get their questions answered.
  3. After the consultation if the potential client decides to move forward, we send a Legal Services Agreement (LSA) as required by the State Bar of California by secure email and ask the client electronically sign it and pay one-half of the cost of the estate plan through our encrypted online payment processor. This formally establishes the confidential attorney-client relationship.
  4. After receiving the CIF, LSA and the half-payment, we draft the Client’s estate planning documents and securely email them to the client.
  5. The Client reviews and makes changes, additions, or deletions to the draft documents and sends those changes back through our exclusive, secure Client portal. At this point the Client books a date and time for delivery of their final documents or another tele-consultation to discuss their changes.
  6. After the Client is comfortable with the documents, they are finalized.
  7. Our certified notary delivers the documents to the Client and supervises the proper execution of each.
  8. We then record and file all necessary documents with the proper County and return the recorded documents to the Client.

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