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Who We Are

California's premier hybrid estate planning firm

Why Choose Us

Experienced lawyers, same price as online forms

Our Procedure

How we do what we do, and how we do it so well

Let’s take a look at some common questions and misconceptions….


“Do I Need an Estate Plan?”


That famous online legal form service can’t tell you if you even need an estate plan.

Why not?

Well, they’re just robots that spit out the forms you tell them to.


We’re actual living, breathing, experienced lawyers. We’ll talk to you about your individual circumstances (free of charge) and after that, if you decide you need an estate plan, we’ll build a custom one just for you.

”Aren’t lawyers really expensive?”


Some of them are crazy expensive.

We’re not.

We charge the same price as the online form robots, and still manage to pay our bills.

“Lawyers seem mean & confusing.”


That’s a nice way of putting it!  The mean ones get all the publicity…

We test our lawyers every morning to make sure they’re nice. If they’re not, we send them out for margaritas. (Not really.)


“The online form sellers are fast & easy.”


Well, let’s face it, since they’re not lawyers and can’t offer any legal advice

and they’re just robots cranking out one-size-fits-all forms, how long should it take?!?

“Online form sellers have lawyers too, don’t they?”


Um, yeah, about that ….
Along with some other services, they will try to up-sell you to
their monthly subscription legal plans. For a recurring monthly
charge you get a 30-minute consultation with a random lawyer about your estate plan.
After that you’re charged at the lawyer’s regular, unpublished, hourly rate.
(Hint: Some lawyers can’t even tell you their name in 30 minutes.)

Get started with California Trust Pros today with no obligation.

Simply click a button below and let us know a little bit about you and your situation.
After you submit your info, you’ll be asked to book a free consultation

so we can go over your questions and give you our thoughts.

After you meet with us, if you decide to go ahead with a plan, we’ll get started right away.
If you decide you don’t need a plan right now, that’s ok too.

We’ll be here for you.